Remote Worker Incentive Program

Remote Shoals launched in June 2019 with a mission to recruit 10 remote workers to move to- and work from- The Shoals. After a successful first year, the program has been renewed and is now seeking 25 new remote workers to relocate to The Shoals.

The Shoals Economic Development Authority’s (SEDA) pilot program, which ran May 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020, recruited 10 remote workers to The Shoals. These remote workers bring with them a new annual payroll of almost $1.1 million, which does not include the wages of other members of their household. Remote Shoals residents are putting their wages into the Shoals economy by buying houses, supporting local businesses, etc.

John Whitney, a Remote Shoals resident, moved to The Shoals from Roseville, California. Whitney had visited The Shoals on business and was surprised at all the area had to offer. He was pleased to learn of the program that would allow him to work remotely from this community.

“After relocating earlier this year, I couldn’t be happier with my choice,” said Whitney on his relocation to The Shoals. “I don't hesitate to recommend to others that they come enjoy and support the area while experiencing the friendly people and vibrant culture of the Shoals. It’s a great place to be!”

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Remote Shoals

Shoals RSA Building

Over 2.2M SF of manufacturing space is available in the RSA Building located in Barton Alabama, just minutes away from the Florence-Muscle Shoals metro area. This state-of-the-art LEED® Certified Silver manufacturing facility has 24 bay doors, a 60' eave height, 14" thick reinforced concrete floors, 37 overhead cranes, and boasts bi-directional rail access with the adjacent Norfolk Southern main line. The facility is served by TVA Power and Sheffield Utilities and is fully integrated with compressed air, CO2, argon, and nitrogen.

Climate is controlled with an innovative smart building control system which maintains a network of louvers and exhaust fans keeping the building at a comfortable temperature 24-hours a day.  The building comes complete with 120,000 SF of administration space, two 20,000 SF employee facilities, cafeteria, training rooms, and break rooms. You won't find an available manufacturing facility of this caliber anywhere else!

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RSA Building


Rogersville Spec Building

Spec Building Aerial


Construction has concluded on the brand new speculative building in the Rogersville Business Park! The new speculative building is 40,000 square feet (250' x 160') with 36’ eave heights, expandable to 80,000 square feet. Build-out options are available, please contact us for more details about how this building can work for you.

The Rogersville Business Park is located in eastern Lauderdale County on Highway 72 approximately 19 miles from I-65 and 35 miles from the proposed site of the new Alabama Mazda-Toyota manufacturing facility.

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The Shoals Economic Development Authority recently conducted a third-party extensive labor force analysis and overall assessment of The Shoals. The findings indicate many positive trends when compared to other benchmark geographies of similar size.

Auto Supplier Cost Savings

Lower Cost of Labor than US Avg.

Metal Working Specialization

Higher than US Avg.


Labor Pool Underemployed


Performance Scrubs

The growth of our Florence facility is gaining momentum, and we cannot thank you and your staff enough...
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It's a great pleasure to announce that TASUS is establishing this company in Florence...
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SEDA is committed to providing the assistance necessary for our existing industry to thrive in The Shoals.

This location was not the only option. I can’t say SEDA completely did it, but they certainly had a big influence...
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North American Lighting

SEDA’s commitment to this project helped in our decision to build a new factory in Muscle Shoals...
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